15 Best AdSense alternatives for small websites & low traffic blogs

If you are the kind of person who wishes to generate some amount of income from your online presence resources, then questions related to AdSense alternatives for small websites.

To generate some extra bit of income, you may prefer to place the advertisements on your sites. And for this, all you need to have is an advertising network, which mainly serves the purpose of connecting online advertisers and website publishers in one place.

And Google AdSense is one of those advertising networks that serve that purpose best, from 2003 and has become a big player in this segment. It’s the most popular platform related to the pay-per-click(PPC) programs in web engines, with usage in more than 10 million websites.

AdSense offers advertisement publishers a fair commission of revenue from clicks and being a lightweight publisher it has already gathered a huge amount of engagement in its work.

But nowadays with many types of businesses and websites coming into the picture, it is always better to get to know much more google AdSense alternatives for small websites to get better results according to your choice and customization as well as fulfilling the criteria of the highest paying AdSense alternatives.

Now in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best AdSense alternatives for websites, but before that let’s clarify more related to what is Google AdSense? How does it work? And why choose other AdSense alternatives for small websites?

What is Google AdSense? How it works:

Whenever you have visited any web page you may have seen that there are many advertisements of products or services are there in some particular spaces of that site.

Actually, the website owner has created some space on the webpage and rented that space to a platform that publishes the advertisements on those spaces on behalf of the willing advertisers.

Those platforms offer commission or some share of the advertisement revenue to the website owners for any such activities forming from placing the advertisements.

AdSense is such an advertisement publishing platform that offers you to publish and manage advertisements online for bloggers and webmasters who are looking forward to monetizing their websites through advertisements.

A critical point to keep in your mind is that not every website is best for AdSense or you can’t monetize through the best highest paying AdSense alternatives if your website doesn’t fit some of the particular categories.

Now, the answer to this is mentioned below!

Is my website best for highest paying AdSense alternatives:

In general, any type of website can use AdSense or other such AdSense alternatives for small businesses present over the internet, but there are some categories that are better suited for running and monetizing through AdSense ads on them or ads from similar advertising networks.

Those best-suited categories are –


Blogs are one of the most popular and effective ways to earn money from AdSense. If you are a blogger who publishes blogs and many high-quality valuable contents consistently and focus on visitor’s engagement, then it is the best way to monetize your content from AdSense alternative of blogger too.

If you still want to know the importance of blog posts regularly, then you can check this blog(important to post a blog regularly).

To better understand how to make money with WordPress, please check out this blog. (make money with WordPress in 48 Hours)

Free Online tool:

If you run a website offering a free tool or services like image compressing, JPG to PDF converter, online PDF editor, internet speed checking, and others like that then with such a huge no of footfalls in your site you can easily monetize your site with Google AdSense or other highest paying AdSense alternatives.


Nowadays, many people like to work on forums and resolve some queries with their expertise rather than just starting their own blogs. Forums are one of the great ways to get some additional income by integrating AdSense alternatives for bloggers.

News convey:

If you run a website sharing news about a particular genre or all sorts as a whole or share regular market updates, then you may also go ahead with monetizing your site with the highest paying AdSense alternatives.

To cut the story short, if your website is to serve any kind of free service or information with a handsome no of footfalls, then your website suits best for Google AdSense alternatives and Google AdSense as well.

Now after getting so much information about what is Google AdSense, what type of websites suits best for Google AdSense alternatives for small websites, it’s time to get better clarity about why to look for the highest paying AdSense alternatives for small websites.

Why to use Google AdSense alternatives:

Though Google AdSense is a very popular advertising network, it has many disadvantages and constraints as well, which is not too much friendly for the new starters or the persons who have small websites.

Here are some of the reasons mentioned why one may consider other Google AdSense alternatives according to their purposes.

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Strict Eligibility requirements:

Google AdSense networks and many other such networks have a very strict metric to consider the eligibility of a particular website to be a partner or integrate advertisements on those websites.

If Google doesn’t consider your blog for an AdSense account, then you may have to face a lot more approval from other sources to do so.

Fraud controlling norms:

Many times it happens that because of the platform’s rigorous click fraud controlling norms, you may have to end up disabling or blocking your AdSense account.

Suppose, you have placed an ad on your site, and by mistake, you have clicked on that then Google might consider that as a fraud, and with regular such activities, it can lead to account suspension.

Advertisement customization and flexibility:

Many other ad networks offer you more ad customization and positioning flexibility, along with tailoring the look according to the website theme to fit in more naturally.

Google AdSense is a little less flexible in terms of these features and customization, that’s why one may prefer other highest paying AdSense alternatives for doing the same.

Revenue Share and minimum payout policy:

Google AdSense, generally gives 68% of the total revenue generated by ads to the publisher of the website.

But there are many other ad networks that offer you more share than that, and with a steady no of high-quality traffic, one may consider other best AdSense alternatives for websites too.

Google AdSense’s payout policy works with a minimum amount of $100 earnings, which is higher than compared to various other ad networks, and for the small websites, it may seem to take a long time to get that much of ad revenue.

That’s why for the small websites or newcomers of blogging, it is advisable and recommended to go with other AdSense alternatives of bloggers.

Additional Revenue Sources:

Many times one may prefer to run ads from other networks besides AdSense and gather the comparison data as well as an additional source of revenue.

There is nothing wrong with that thing unless it violates any of the terms from both advertising networks, and this is the most fundamental reason for integrating other highest-paying AdSense alternatives for small websites.

After going through these, you have a better clarity related to why you need to have a look for AdSense alternative for bloggers as well as AdSense alternative for small websites related to different aspects.

Best Google AdSense alternatives:

Now, it’s time to get to know some of the best  AdSense alternatives for websites.


Best AdSense alternative: Nowadays Ezoic is one of the most popular AdSense alternatives for small businesses as well as the best AdSense alternative for bloggers.

The main reason for the huge popularity of Ezoic is its working functionality. Ezoic places the ads on your site based upon analyzing your views as well as sources with their artificial intelligence and huge data-driven machine learning algorithm.

Ezoic also uses its unique AI feature to get the most appropriate locations of your site or blog and then places the blogs thereon only, and thus it increases the probability of generating more earnings from CPC as well as the CPI model.

Ezoic primarily has a partnership with Google and thus uses the same parameters for its approval policy. And so if anyone has already violated any kind of violations of terms in Google AdSense, then Ezoic will not also approve you for the same.

Ezoic being the highest paying AdSense alternatives does not ask anyone to have an AdSense account for starting their journey with them, but if anyone has an AdSense account then it is considered as a brawny point for approval policy. However, Ezoic will not also entertain anyone who has already violated Google AdSense terms.

Now for getting the approval from the best AdSense alternative for a Website all one needs to have a minimum of 10,000 views per month, although many sites have got the approval with less any of these views too, depending upon the blog category, working genre.

The payout policy of Ezoic has a minimum threshold of $20 pm and transfers your earnings through international payment or via payment gateway – PayPal at the last week of every month.


Best AdSense alternative for bloggers:  Media.net is one of the most popular in the segment of contextual advertising and most preferred as an AdSense alternative.

Media.net offers multiple types of display ads along with native ads for desktop and mobile. But Media.net is as strict as Google for their approval, and you need to go carefully with their approval requirements.

For a blogger, you must offer high-quality engaging content with enough no of traffic in your site with proper professional design and appealing user engaging themes

Media.net is one of those highest-paying AdSense alternatives which offers a monthly payout with a minimum $100 payout rate.


AdSense alternative for bloggers: Revcontent is the leader in publishing native ads, but they also offer ads like display, mobile, and video.

The unique feature of revcontent is that they add ads in such a way that it actually feels like your blog content and higher blends with your site’s visual.

One thing to consider revcontent as an AdSense alternative for bloggers is that they are very choosy for selecting you as an advertisement publishing platform as they are famous for maintaining exceptional clients from both publisher and advertiser side. To apply for revcontent, you need to have a minimum of 50,000 monthly visitors and generate promising valuable high-quality content regularly. The web publishers are getting paid monthly, with a minimum payout of $50.


Best AdSense alternative for website: For serving the various purposes of ads, Propeller Ads is one among those. Propeller ads mainly focus on pop-under ads, which mainly loads behind the current browser window and appear when the site window is closed.

Propeller Ads also offers targeted and non-targeted ad options for desktop, mobile applications, and sites including native ads, banners, video ads.

Propeller ads also helpful for generating push notifications as ads, but it can only be accessible from the end of an established site but requires the minimum traffic requirements. The payout policy is monthly, with a minimum amount of only $5.


AdSense alternative for bloggers: Monumetric is one of the best blogger-centric advertising networks which shows the ads on your site based upon the related content which makes those more appropriate for the readers.

The unique feature of Monumetric is that it runs on a cost-per-impression model rather than cost per click model which means you are getting paid by the number of views to that ad, rather than the clicks on that advertisement, and thus it makes Monumetric the best AdSense alternative for websites. Monumetric focuses on highly targeted ads and thus focuses on your site views as a factor for approval. If you have Blogs under 80,000 monthly pages views, pay an almost $99 fee upfront for setup and its minimum payout is $10 via PayPal.


AdThrive is another one of the best ad networks as well as the best AdSense alternative for websites which works best by showing the exceptional ads of particular products on the proper spots in your website.

The biggest reason for AdThrive being so popular as they are one of the highest-paying AdSense alternatives for websites, but it is also very much choosy and requires 100,000 monthly views with the majority of those from the US to get monetized from them.

The minimum payout of AdThrive is $25 and gives the full payment assurance from their end even if they don’t receive payment from the advertisers on time.


Bidvertiser is one of the best AdSense alternatives for websites that mainly operates on a bidding campaign system. And it sells your site’s display ad space to the advertiser who bids the most for that.

With working on this type of functionality there are a lot of earning opportunities as if there are enough views in your blogs then people will bid a higher price for the display which will end up making more money but in contrary, if the advertisers are not aware of your site, then you might end up earning nothing.

So, it’s important to first analyze whether your working domain and blogs fall under that category, if so, then go ahead with that. The payout process is monthly, with a minimum payout of $10.


Mediavine is one of those popular names of AdSense alternative of a blogger with giving more than 75% revenue share to the bloggers with highly tailored ad placements.

The working functionality of Mediavine is the same as AdThrive but requires only 50,000 monthly views to get approved.

This ad network pulls from the highest viewing blogs like food, lifestyles, and several other micro niche blogs.

The unique feature of Mediavine is that it focuses more on user experience by comprising the fast-loading, high-quality ads with better transparency.

The minimum payout policy of Mediavine is $25, and it also has the feature to get a direct international deposit.


Display Google AdSense alternatives for small websites: InfoLinks is the pioneer of showing the display ads and its main functionality lies with searching the right keywords in the body of your blog text for which they are trying to place the advertisement, and if it matches then they place that right kind of advertisement in the middle of the display of your blog.

By working on this mechanism the conversion rate of the blog increases which directly impacts earning more. In-text ads work well on blogs as there lie much more opportunities for relevant ads.

There is no page view requirement as such, but if you have a consistently high amount of footfalls then it always gives you an edge to put more in-text-ads and display ads to earn more.

The payout policy of InfoLinks is that they pay via PayPal with a minimum payout of $50 and the payout cycle goes with every 45 days.


RevenueHits is comparable, a new player in the ad network industry. RevenueHits focuses on displaying the ads by screening them with their ad optimization tool and then learning from your ad performances. After analyzing these two aspects, they then place the best match ads on your side.

RevenueHits is also different from their monetization offering. They pay you based upon the ad performance which means that you are not getting paid by just impressions or clicks of that ads but based upon the actions of the ads.

For e.g., sale conversion, landing to the webpage of the advertisers, spending more time on their site. And thus it became one of the most prosperous Google AdSense alternatives.

RevenueHits pays on every 30-day basis, with the minimum payout of $20.


Best AdSense alternative for website: Adcash is one of the highest paying AdSense alternatives nowadays, offering most of the varieties of advertisements that one may need.

Adcash has a huge no of active users and a good no of presence over mobile applications to serve best to all types of site or app owners with the best possible types of ads.

In Adcash it is very easy to place and customize any ad unit, and it also shows the real-time ad reports and performance on your panel.

Adcash works on the pay-per-action model, with the minimum monthly payout of $25.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

Best AdSense alternative for website: Amazon has its presence in every possible corner of the internet and for that, they have a presence in ad networks too.

Amazon offers to place the display ads and product listings on your blog pages with their native shopping ads which are a part of the Amazon Associates program, and for this, it has become one of the best highest paying AdSense alternatives.

Amazon places the targeted ads based on the surrounding of page content and thus when a visitor clicks on one of these ads and then buys any product on Amazon, at that time you will get a receive for that purchase.

This may sound the same as affiliate marketing, but there you just promote the product with the affiliate links, and here Amazon itself places those ads of the products.

Amazon has a 60 days payment policy with the minimum payout policy which is as low as $10 via direct deposit through any payment gateway.


The best Google AdSense alternative: If you have a website or write blogs and cross more than 100,000  monthly visits to your site or content then Setupad can be the best choice as an AdSense alternative of blogger.

Setupad provides a variety of ad formats like interstitial, sticky, expandable, native media ads, video ads in the category of out-stream and in the stream as well as many standard format ads like display and in-text ads.

Setupad also has a Chrome extension where users can report the unwanted ads along with real-time data like CPM price, Average CPM up to the last minute, SSP, and various other features.

With integrating the header bidding technology, Setupad works best for connecting publishers and buyers at the same place which increases the competition which is directly reflected with the increase in the prices and thus maximizing the ad revenue.

The setup gives payments to the publishers after 60 days of first registration and then after every 30 days with the minimum threshold amount of 100 euro. In case of not crossing the threshold limit, it then rollovers to it for the next month.


Best AdSense alternative for blogger: If you are a blogger and also want to enter into the segment of affiliate marketing, then Skimlinks takes acre of both of these aspects and the monetization through your ads on the blog too.

Skimlinks is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives which mainly works by scanning the text on your blog and then searching for the proper matching links of the affiliate products or services that can be displayed on your site.

Thus, by adding those affiliate links into your display ads, you can earn up to 75% commission when a visitor clicks on that ads and can earn more if he purchases those products from your link.

If you are that kind of blogger who used to write product and services reviews and recommendations then Skimlinks is the best possible option among the highest paying AdSense alternative as it gives you an option to monetize without showing the display ads too.

Skimlinks pays with a minimum payout of $10 to the site owners with a payment cycle of 90 days.


Adversal is another best AdSense alternative for small websites and the unique feature of this ad network which differs it from other networks is that it is very easy to use and enables one to set up any kind of native ads to their website in just a few minutes.

Adversal serves different types of advertisements under the umbrella of its ad network with adding video, display, native, in-text, in streaming and out streaming ads, pop up ads, notification pop up ads, and many more with synchronizing different functionality to the websites.

Adversal is also very responsive in terms of usage policy and gives one full flexibility with their intuitive interface to start, stop pause, and kind of working ad campaigns to your site. With so many one-stop solutions offered by an ad network, Adversal is also strict for approval, and it requires more than 50,000 monthly views to your content and your site must have its own domain name.

Sovrn // Commerce:

Sovrn // Commerce (formerly known as VigLink) is one of those types of ad networks among the best AdSense alternative for websites that serve best for ad publishing and management along with covering the advertisements with affiliate product links.

This best AdSense alternative provides you with different options to add a different variety of display ads, video ads, streaming ads.  Sovrn // Commerce also provides you the features to automatically create ad links to your own e-commerce products, Amazon products, or the links of the products having maximum buzz and demand.

Those affiliate links are added automatically with the advertisements placed on your site, and you can also perform custom integrations of the ads and can also work on enriching their visual experiences to get the things done in a much better position.

Sovrn // Commerce also provides you a dashboard to monitor and keep a track of the performance metrics of what you can work on and improve your strategy to place ads on your site and also which pages generate most of the advertisement revenue.

You can also choose a plan of cost per impression or cost per click model as per your wish for monetization. Sovrn // Commerce is very flexible in terms of starting with them and thus requires no such monthly views or any such criteria.

The minimum payout of this ad network is $10 through PayPal, and you can also get the direct deposit with a minimum payout of $50.

Final Word:

So, this was the complete overview related to AdSense alternatives for small websites and the highest paying AdSense alternative with their payout policies, unique features, things to consider with going on that.

By going through the full blog, you have also gotten a better clarity related to why it is important to look for Google AdSense alternatives and various other best AdSense alternatives for small websites, which covers most of the aspects of yours.

But one thing to keep in your mind is that before going with an AdSense alternative for bloggers or for other purposes, have a look at their terms and conditions and working policy to get a better idea of what type of ad network will suit best according to your site.

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