Blog Vs Vlog: What’s The Difference, Which is Best For Your Earning Potential

In today’s era when digitalization is shading its light to every corner of the internet, blogs and vlogs have become one of the best choices to work upon, and thus it has led to a question of the difference between blog and vlog.

There is hardly any day when any bloggers or vloggers are not uploading any kind of their working domain content in a wish to grow and make more money by working on their behalf and to establish as their own brand.

Thus blog vs vlog is a major demand of most of the people of such category or for the willing ones who want to go in either of these two options, but want to get a better comparison and all aspects to get more in this.

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In this blog, we are going to discuss the difference between blog and vlog in a major premise with covering most of the aspects to get a better understanding of blog vs vlog, and then definitely you can choose the path which is more suitable for you.

Now, before we just move ahead, first we need to develop a basic but clear understanding of what is a blog as well as what is a vlog.

What is a Blog:

A blog is basically a practice in which you publish the contents in written format on a website hosted on the internet.

Blogs work best as great communication and marketing tools which include sharing the information related to something, some brand’s product or services as well.

That’s why blogs can work as a very crucial factor for making a community and as a marketing tool.

Generally, blogs are run by individual people mainly who are solopreneurs but nowadays due to the effective marketing outlook of blogs many groups of individuals sharing a common goal or a large-scale organization also like to build a presence over the internet with the help of blogs and to spread the information.

These are the main points to get to know for a clear understanding of what is a blog but there lies a few other things too.

A blog also contains images, graphics, infographics, short animated in-stream videos, animated GIFs, and many other things to make the blogs more appealing and engaging.

The person who actually runs the blog or works for the content and publishes that, is called a “blogger” and the activity which he is performing is called “blogging”.

For, e.g.: A digital marketer wrote a blog related to the top 10 things you need to know for next-level SEO.

What is a Vlog:

In today’s digital era, a vlog is one of the most accepted and popular ways of conveying information. Actually, Vlog stands for Video log.

The term vlog actually comes from the blog, but it is changed based upon the working domain – which is video. Vlogs basically cover short to long-lasting videos covering the working aspects of the creator.

Vlogs have many varieties like traveling, experience share, business promotion, product review, current affairs, tech stuff simplifications, useful tips for life, and for every other thing which one may think, will be useful for others.

But unlike blogs, vlogs require you more investment of money and time to start with as you need to have a high-quality camera, good quality microphones to capture the audio, necessary set up equipment, and also a good amount of editing before publishing.

People mainly post the vlogs on online video streaming platforms like YouTube, but one can post videos on other platforms like Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Daily motion, and many more.

Same as blogs, the activity of doing vlogs is called “vlogging” and the person who creates vlogs is named as “vlogger”.

Blog Vs Vlogs – in terms of popularity:

The answer to the question of Blog vs Vlog will always remain unanswered if we don’t compare the two with respect to their popularity.

Undoubtedly, vlogs are more popular in terms of popularity and user engagement than blogs and serve more purposes than the latter.

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After vlogs, the most popular genres of media content sharing platforms are related to social media posts and podcasts. And they have already captured the market as well as given a new high to the overall digital media industry.

When you should consider going with vlogs or blogs:

No doubt that vlogs can give you more opportunity and early success in comparison with blogs. But there are other factors for which most people search for blog vs vlog.

Vlogs are basically the video presentation of your content, and it needs to be presented in such a way that the viewers get the things they wish for in a much more simplified format, and thus here communication skill plays a big role.

For vlogs, you need to have or at least have to develop good communication skills in terms of delivering your thoughts in a well-structured but in an easy manner.

Not only those, but you need to be also very proactive for content creation and should have a sound knowledge and an eye for your competitors. It is required since more than 70k people watch videos per second streaming over the internet.

So, there is always a fight to grab the viewer’s attention and for that, you need to open your eyes and ears to get the things done in the most appropriate way.

Another aspect is that sometimes people tend to fear or hesitate to talk in front of people or on camera, then vlog may not be a good option to start with.

 So, It’s advisable for those to start with blogging as if you have a decent enough writing skill and a hand in a language then you can create more content over there and can gain popularity.

One of the main points for answering what is a blog vs vlog, time is a crucial factor. Generally, for a vlog you need to have prepared a script, then have to capture the video and then edit.

So, it involves a lot of time devotion and even after that, you may not get views in the initial days. But for blogs, this devotion to creating content is much less time-consuming.

In addition, for the blog you literally need no investment,  you can start with blogger or WordPress –  which are free blog publishing platforms, and the same goes for YouTube too, but it requires a camera, mic, and some equipment as well as editing software – so indirectly you need some amount of initial investment to work upon for vlogs.

Now, with this overall idea, you may have already got a brief idea based upon which factors or parameters you may consider blog vs vlog and which have the potential to provide you a handsome growth curve.

Here in addition we are providing more references to get better clarity of the difference between blog and vlog.

Main differences between Blog and Vlog:

Here are some more references by which you can get an overall better answer for what is a vlog vs blog question is.

Content format:

Blog: Blogs are written in text format which includes some images, graphics, infographics.

Vlog: But in cases of vlogs, the main content is in video format.

Which platforms to use:

Blog: Mainly there are many platforms to start with blogging, among those WordPress, blogger, Quora, Medium, Joomla, Drupal are some mentionable ones.

Vlog: For vlogs, YouTube is the leader in such platforms, but Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram are also good at serving those purposes.

No. Of Visitors:

Blog: Although there is no particular no of visitors for blog or vlog as such, as both of these domains are evolving very fast and interchanging of the visitors of these is a common phenomenon for blog vs vlog.

Vlog: But it is observed that vlogs generally attract more visitors than blogs.

Initiate(Watched) timing:

Blog: Blogging is a very old-school concept that was initiated way back in 1990 and became popular in 2003.

Vlog: But in comparison to blogging, vlogs are comparatively a new idea which is started in 2000 but after 2004 it has gained popularity and then overpassed blogging as a whole.

Maintenance Cost:

Blog: Maintenance for a blog generally requires fewer costs as you only need to pay for the web hosting fees and if you go for the free hosting platforms like Blogger or WordPress then it will be even less or zero.

Vlog: On the other hand, vlog hosting can be considered free, but the necessary setup or equipment needs a lot of initial and maintenance costs. And this is one of the main reasons for the difference between blog and vlog.

Importance of visual content in blog vs vlog:

Blog: In the blog, the written content in the backdrop of visual content is missing.

Vlog: But for a vlog, the visual content plays the key aspect in making it popular.

Streaming event:

Blog: For blog actually, we can’t stream any kind of online event and even if we opt for that, then we need to consider another platform for doing so.

Vlog: But for vlogs, this is not at all a problem, because their entire work is on video streaming platforms, and they can easily opt for those platforms to help any kind of event.

Views increment potential:

Blog: Generally, blogs take time to get the views, and it shows gradual increment for no of footfalls increase.

But if one writes a blog with some trending topic as well as becoming the first one to post, then there is a huge possibility of generating more views from that blogs.

Vlog: In the vlog, the number of visitors is comparatively more than the blog and also requires less time for views to increase. Also, if anyone can make a video on any trending topics, then there is a huge possibility that it will give them more views as well as subscriptions.

This is one of the most fundamental reasons for many related to the difference between blog and vlog.

Extra attributes:

Blog: The main attribute for which one can get success over blogs is writing and publishing more and more content in a frequent cycle.

Vlog: But for the vlog, we need to be more clever and choosy about the segment of working, video thumbnails, creation, title, description, communication skill, message delivering way, and many more.

Earning potential:

Blog: Generally, the earning opportunity solely from the blog is quite less. As the no of views is quite less in blogs than vlogs, the average CPC (Cost per click) in ads upon blog is quite less than the ads CPC in vlogs.

But if you write the blogs offering any services or products and then generate traffic to your business from that, then indirectly it can help you to earn more money as well as to expand a business.

One more thing which many bloggers are opting for is that going with affiliate links of products in their blogs and this opportunity helps them more money than solely from ads.

Vlog: For vlogs, you have ample no of options like income from ads, sponsorship, video collaboration, speak out sessions, even with live chat option as well as from introducing membership.

And each of these segments of earning money from vlogs gives you enough ways to earn more. And this is how the difference between blog and vlog lies with respect to earning potential.

Final Word:

So, this was the complete overview covering most of the aspects of difference between blog and vlog, most fundamental points to draw the blog vs vlog along with what is vlog and blog, so that you get a holistic idea related to every aspect for which you may need.

Hope after going through this you may be able to figure out which one is good for you and how can you channelize that according to your skill set to get the maximum prosperity.

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