Blogger Vs WordPress: Which is the Best Budget Blogging Platform for Making Money

If you are looking for starting an online business or building an online presence then you may have already come up with an idea of starting blogging as your first step and that’s why you are gathering some knowledge to get your work smooth.

And here you have a question in your mind related to shall I opt for the Blogger or WordPress, basically Blogger vs WordPress for making money through blogging.

Well, we have landed up in a right place for the answer to your query and here we are going to describe every possible corner of these two platforms for bloggers and after going through the necessary points you will be able to decide, which one will suit you best as per your purpose.

Blogger and WordPress are the two most recognized and popular blogging platforms on the internet, used by hundreds of Bloggers. These two platforms allow you to create and edit the blog as per your wish.

But their actual functionality and specific features are quite different from one another, leading to a quest to Blogger vs WordPress for making money.

In this blog, we are going to compare these two blogging platforms based upon some parameters which are the most fundamental ones, need to be considered before opting for any platform, and will also describe the pros and cons based upon those.

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But before that, just let’s develop a brief idea about WordPress and Blogger.

What is WordPress:

WordPress is a free open-source platform that helps you to create and manage websites, blogs, and online stores based upon that. WordPress also provides you with content management services under its roof.

WordPress was started in 2003 but since it remarkably builds its presence throughout the internet as the best choice with more than 45% of websites on the internet.

To get to start with WordPress all you need to do is, first have to go with any kind of hosting plan and have to choose a domain name as per your wish and convenience and after then you need to install WordPress.

After installing WordPress you will be able to do most of the functionalities with their user-friendly easy to use UI, and if you face any problems over there, there are already a lot of communities and support answers present over the internet which will resolve your question.

However, if you want to do additional stuff which is not directly present there, then there are hundreds of WordPress plugins by which you can get the most of your work done, and it has become one of the reasons for people going with Blogger vs WordPress.

WordPress’s plugins work in the same way as Google extensions do, and for that, you just need to install them, and they will be ready to use.

What is Blogger:

For a better understanding of Blogger vs WordPress for making money, it’s good that you get a brief idea related to the blogger platform.

Blogger is a free blogging platform that was made way back in 1999 by Google. Blogger is actually a free blog hosting service and allows you to create a blog without having any domain.

With starting with blogger, you will automatically get a Blogspot subdomain.

Although, If you wish for having a custom domain name for you as per your wish then you can also go ahead with that by just registering a domain name from third-party domain providers, and then all you need to do is have to connect that with Blogger blog, so that blogger uses that domain name for publishing blog.

Now after getting to know brief details about WordPress and Blogger now it’s time to focus on Blogger Vs WordPress and what are the key parameters are there based upon we can compare both of these two.

What you need to consider for choosing a blogging platform:

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule that you need to take into account to get the comparison between any two blogging platforms. But indeed there are some key parameters that you require to take care of so, that you don’t miss any such vital points for consideration.

Flexibility and up to date:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do with Blogger vs WordPress or any such platform comparison is flexibility and that the platform should be up-to-date with the latest features and tools over there.

Ease of use:

This is one of the most important aspects that you need to take care of. As a blogger, your maximum focus should be based upon content creation, not on designing, writing, editing, and publishing.

Thus, you need to consider any such platform which is simple to use and has fewer technicalities to work with creating and publishing content.

Support :

You can’t get all the things done by yourself, and it happens that you will stick to any point. And at that time you need to contact the support of that platform to get your query resolved.

So, if your platform’s support takes a lot of time to respond, then it may affect your objectives. So, you need to consider this before opting for any such choice of Blogger vs WordPress for making money.

Monetization options:

The primary objective of everyone starting a blog or any such online presence always lies with the objective of earning money. So, you need to have a look at the monetization options, and format mentioned over there so that you can optimize your goals according to that.

SEO optimization features and themes:

Most of the bloggers often miss this thing to consider but focus on other aspects while going for blogger vs WordPress for making money or any such.

SEO always plays a very crucial role in getting more views on your site and themes are very essential in case of making your blogs, sites more appealing and visitors friendly.

That’s why you are also advised to check for these aspects too, before considering any blogging platform, otherwise, you may have to choose a platform that is not that SEO friendly you have to put the additional effort from your end for doing so or need to have to go with other platforms.

Now we have discussed various aspects and have developed enough foundation for comparison regarding Blogger Vs WordPress. And in this next section, we are going to cover this whole aspect.

Blogger Vs WordPress – a complete overview:

Blogger vs WordPress

As said earlier, to go with Blogger Vs WordPress for making money, WordPress has a huge presence for its easy-to-use content management services along with blog websites.

In a recent study, we have come across that, of the total top 1 million sites, almost 95% of people opted for the blogger as a platform to work, but for bloggers, it’s only 1%.

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So, from now onwards hope you have already got an idea of recent trends but to get what’s the actual reason for that and what you should consider satisfying your demand, is going to be covered in the subsections below.

Ease of use for Blogger Vs WordPress:

The first and foremost thing for which advise you to go with WordPress is the ease of use. As most people and bloggers are not a web developers so working in a sophisticated technical way might be a bit challenging.

That’s why you must consider the ease of use as a first parameter even if you have knowledge of web development, but working with these types of platforms can make your life really smooth.


In the case of a blogger, it is a quite simple process to work upon to create and publish your blog, All you need to go to the Blogger website, and there you have to sign up with your Google Account.

After that, you will get a dashboard, which is really simple to use. You can definitely go ahead checking those options mentioned over there to learn from your side.

If you wish to start a blog right after signing up, you need to go to the ‘Create New Blog’ section and there have to choose the display name, have to add blog title, blog address, and an appealing theme, and once done your blog set up is ready.

You can also further customize your blog layout, add posts and work on further customizations as per your wish from the blog settings.


Setting up a blog on WordPress is also a simple process to work upon. And for that, you actually don’t need any kind of prerequisite knowledge of WordPress or coding.

You can just start with our guidance or the process mentioned on their site. The first thing you need to do is point-and-click on a computer screen for setting up WordPress and then choose and install the correct WordPress plugins as per your use.

To get started with WordPress you need to go with several steps which comprise choosing a hosting plan, naming the domain for your blog, installing WordPress, selecting a WordPress theme.

After that, you can see your dashboard over there and explore more to get more handy their interface and then also can create blogs from there.

Hosting and ownership – Blogger or WordPress:

Ownership of your blog sites as well as for blog is a very crucial factor for which you need to take care off.

 The simple reason for that Is having full ownership of your blogs including the hosting gives you the autonomy to choose what to do with your blogs when including the changes as per your wish, and how to handle them, how to opt for monetization, and much more.

And in this aspect, there are a lot of differences working behind the scenes and that’s why the question of which is the better Blogger or WordPress always arises in the mind of bloggers.

Bloggers – ownership and hosting:

Actually, Blogger is a blogging service provided from the Google end. It is free, simple to use, and gives one enough features to work upon their interest.

They also allow you for the monetization process, but the blogs and the service are not owned by you. It’s owned by Google and has the right to shut down your services as per their wish, even if they haven’t found anything wrong.

It works the same as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter works for providing the services but also reserves the right to ban people.

Thus, if you want full ownership then blogger is somewhere not suggested for you and there might be a possibility where you may face troubles in the monetization process too.

WordPress – ownership and hosting:

In this aspect, WordPress is far more flexible than Blogger regarding ownership and hosting.

Generally, WordPress provides you an initial free hosting with an extension of their domain name written over there. And by using this you can publish blogs, and it will not shut down that without giving you any warning.

However, you have other options too, by tying up with other specific web host providers and there you can move to a new web host as per your choice at any point of time if you wish.

But in the case of a blogger, you are not allowed to do so, and you can only take your blog to the other blogger itself.

With WordPress hosting, you can use and control all your data, and information that you would like to share with any third party too.

For getting with WordPress hosting there are multiple hosting provides like Bluehost, SiteGround, GoDaddy, HostGator, Hostinger and you can go with any of such plans mentioned over there as per convenience.

And thus if you are opting for ownership then going with this kind of hosting provider is really a good option.

We will recommend you to go with Hostinger WordPress hosting as it is well-known in the hosting industry and provides the cheapest WordPress hosting with providing most of the necessary things that you may need to run a basic website.

It also gives you 24/7 support with an average page size is around 330 KB and less load time which helps you to boost your SEO factor as well.

You can choose the Hostinger plan based upon considering the server response time across various geographical locations to choose the best one for you. The best thing is that for all such locations, Hostinger responds in just 1 second. Here we have also mentioned some pros and cons of the Hostinger platform so that you can get an unbiased view.


Hostinger provides you fast speed, free domain along with free SSL certifications including the emails to use. Hostinger’s cheapest WordPress plans start from just $0.99/month, which also ensures 30-day money-back guarantee with a 24/7 enabling support system.

Hostinger also gives the WordPress users a WordPress acceleration and managed auto-updates in a built-in model for a better experience.


The only cons that we have come up with Hostinger with the blogging purpose are the renewal fees are higher in comparison to other hosting providers in the industry.

Designs and layout – most considerable factor for Blogger vs WordPress for making money:

The designs and layouts designed of your blogs and websites play a vital role in determining whether you are going to attract visitors to your platform or not.

In addition to these, designs, layout, and appearances also play a pivotal role in terms of SEO optimization and maintaining the site loading factors as well. Going with appealing designs on your site indirectly speaks a lot about you, so working on it is very important.

Blogger – web designs and layouts:

Bloggers actually don’t give you enough options in terms of web designs and layouts, with a limited set of templates to use.

But the templates are very much basic and actually have been used by most of the bloggers already. So, you can’t really get a different one.

Although you can change the color and layout of those templates using their built-in tools but will not be able to create your own templates or can work in modifications.

Blogger also gives you some of the quality templates or layouts, but for that, you need to pay them, and it’s quite difficult to find those.

With this small range of templates with limited customizations, there is a serious lack most of the bloggers face in working with it, and thus they opt for any other platform like WordPress.

WordPress’ designs and layouts:

On WordPress, you don’t have to bother related to themes and layout as there are plenty of themes available on WordPress for free as well as in paid ones at a low cost.

You will definitely get a perfect theme as per your wish and work on that by adding further customizations and modifications over there to make things more appealing or pleasant.

For getting the themes matching for blog sites all you need to do is go to the Appearance tab and from there have to go to the Themes tab where you have to search for “blog” and then you will get to see the themes and blogs according to your choice.

And if you are looking for more themes from third-party theme providers like Elegant Themes, Themify, Astra themes, and many more like those.

Now with this process, you can simply make more themes with just drag and drop WordPress page builders to design more appealing pages as per your wish, and without writing any code too.

And by this way, WordPress wins the game on Blogger vs WordPress in terms of designs and layouts.

Flexibility and Control – Blogger vs WordPress:

In the game of Blogger vs WordPress, which one is better for what reason Is incomplete without considering the flexibility and control aspects.

And one needs to really take care of these things before going with that. Your blog sites must have the compliance to fully control or design the necessary things that you might need to move your business.

Blogger in terms of Control and Flexibility:

Blogger is actually a simple blogging tool, and it offers only a few limited edition tools to add some of the features which you may wish for.

Blogger has a built-in “Gadgets” section mentioned there and by using those you can go with different features like advertisements, subscription links, contact forms, archives, AdSense options, and many more.

But these tools or gadgets provide mainly limited functionality, and even you wish to go with other advanced options like popups, E-commerce features, and various customizations then you don’t have such alternatives or options.

WordPress in terms of Control and Flexibility:

As WordPress is open-source software, thus it opens a door for you with its various features.

The best thing for WordPress is that you can go with any such kind of features which you can actually imagine and even go and try more than what you can think with the thousands of WordPress plugins present over there.

With such third-party features and plugins, you can actually modify the things on WordPress, its components, and default features at your convenience without just writing a single line of code.

With such WordPress plugins, you can add popups, dropdown menu options, categorizations, E-commerce features, portfolio creation as well as direct social media sharing buttons, and many more.

If you are a person who is comfortable coding then you can also create custom plugins and use them on your site and further can also monetize those by offering it other via stores.

So, undoubtedly WordPress also wins this match between which is best Blogger or WordPress In terms of features and customizations.

Security – which one is best blogger or WordPress:

As a content creator, you must be well aware that how much it is essential to think about the security of your blog platform to consider upon. Otherwise, it may cost you hard if your site got blacklisted, hacked, or some of the piracy attacks which can easily take away all your hard works. That’s why we also ask every blogger to consider the aspects of securities, likely any other such parameters.

Security management on Blogger:

In the case of the Blogger, as you are working on Google’s platform, so you don’t need to bother about the security issues.

Google itself takes care of this aspect and for that, you don’t need to worry about server resources, securities of blogs, and managing and creating backups as a whole.

Although for any kind of reason if your blogger is down and your site too then you have no options to recover those or work upon those, and it will affect you only but the overall bloggers in the blogger site.

Security Management on WordPress:

As far as WordPress you actually don’t have to bother about the down and all, as WordPress is also quite secure, but as it is a self-hosted solution, so you are actually responsible for the securities and backups.

So, all you need to do is that, make sure that you are working and considering aspects from your end. But the things are not that technical or sound so, as much as it looks like.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins present over there by which you can actually take the regular backups of your site as well as work upon the securities on the sites. So, in this matter, both of these platforms more or less provide you the same space but in the case of WordPress you can further secure more than per your perspective from your end but for bloggers, there is no room for doing so.

Support – Blogger vs WordPress for making money:

When it comes to the money-making aspect, another parameter that is very important to consider is which is best Blogger or WordPress is based upon the support assistance for this type of blogging platform.

For that, you need to check where you get your maximum doubts resolved in the least amount of time and effort from their site.

Blogger Support:

On Blogger, you get only limited support from their side with some very basic documentation and with a user’s forum to discuss their quires and get resolved by the opinions of others.

So, actually, in the case of bloggers, the support is quite limited, and you can get additional help from the Blogger admin panel to get the support tutorials from there. And as it’s Google’s free product, that’s why they don’t provide one-to-one individual support to the users of bloggers.

WordPress support options:

In the case of WordPress, they have a very active community to get your queries resolved with their community support options. You can get your every possible doubt clear from there.

If you are in a paid plan of WordPress or opted for WordPress web hosting then you may also get the dedicated options of support from their creators even from the web hosting company itself.

Apart from that, there are thousands of blogs and videos present across the internet serving to most of the doubts from the WordPress developers, community members, or open-source contributors.

There are also a lot no of WordPress plugins by which you can easily resolve any such problems for which you are looking for a solution.

Future aspects – which is best Blogger or WordPress:

The main reason for which you are thinking of blogging is based upon its future aspect, that’s why while deciding or opting for the platforms you should consider the future aspects of the platform too in order to get the clarity of that.

Future aspect of Blogger:

The main reason for which blogger is not that much advisable in recent days is based upon the future aspects. As it’s a Google product, and they can shut down or can change their work at any time, you may end up losing all at a glance.

Besides that, Blogger has not come up with any such major updates or changes in their platform for quite a long time, so working on this platform is still doubtful based upon the update of other platforms.

Future aspects of WordPress:

The main reason for which you can rely more on WordPress than Blogger is that it is an open-source platform, and that’s why it is not dependent upon any such company or individual.

Although it is managed by a great community of developers and users – it serves best with their content management services along with regular best possible updates.

So, from our side, we haven’t found out any such problematic situation with the future aspects of WordPress.

Portability for Blogger vs WordPress:

With this ever-changing dynamic world, one needs to take care of the portability factor and the flexibility for that too, and that’s why a question always pops up regarding which is best Blogger or WordPress.

Portability of Blogs on Blogger:

Actually, Blogger is not that flexible in terms of moving your data basically blogs to different platforms. And it involves a complicated task along with a certain amount of risk.

The main risk which is associated with it is related to SEO, and for that, you may end up losing subscribers, views, search engine rankings during this process.

Exporting the content through blogger involves a lot of internal factors, and it also stays for a longer amount of time in Google’s servers as well.

Portability of Blogs on WordPress:

In the case of portability, WordPress is very flexible and satisfies the difference between Blogger vs WordPress in a much more appropriate way.

WordPress always allows changing the domain name as well as for opting for a new host at any point of time as per your wish.

Pricing –  a factor for which is best Blogger or WordPress:

When you are going with blogger vs WordPress for making money, it becomes very essential that you also consider the cost or price aspect as it can affect your profitability as well.

As a wise blogger, you should not opt for a platform that drives with more money, nor you may prefer free platforms which can be a hindrance in your growth.

So, you must consider these aspects to get the best possible one for you in terms of both money-making and opportunities avail process.

Cost of a blog on Blogger:

Blogger is a free blogging service – you actually don’t need to put a single penny to go ahead with it. Blogger provides a lot of themes, gadgets, and other features to get the basic works done.

Blogger also provides you a domain name with their domain name as an extension but in this case, if you are hoping for a custom domain then only you need to pay for that.

So, actually, if you don’t go with a custom domain, then blogger is entirely free for you.

Cost of a blog on WordPress:

The basic difference between Blogger and WordPress is that WordPress is an entirely free platform, but you need to buy a hosting plan along with a domain name to start your blogs.

There are many such online hosting providers, offering many plans – all you need to do is have to go with any such providers.

WordPress also provides a thousand themes and templates and free plugins to get most of the things done. However, if you are looking for others or for more advanced ones then there are plenty of paid ones too, and if you avail of those it will cost you accordingly.

AdSense for Blogger vs WordPress:

You can’t ignore the objectives of AdSense and get some bucks for your hard work. So, it’s important to look after the factor AdSense approval of these platforms too for standing to a better conclusion.

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AdSense approval for Blogger:

In the initial days, the AdSense approval from Blogger was easy, and it used to be with the Blogspot, and Google also tried to promote that as much as possible from their side.

But with the changing dynamics of the internet world, Google takes care of a lot of SEO factors and that’s why they have enforced certain more parameters to look after for AdSense approval and that’s why they look for promoting the AdSense approval to various other sites.

AdSense approval for WordPress:

AdSense approval for WordPress is quite simple and WordPress enables you the advantages of self-hosted blogs, domain email addresses, improvements in various SEO factors, and much more. Thus, nowadays if you are working with WordPress then there is a huge opportunity that your blogs will get AdSense approval with the least possible efforts over there.

Final Word:

So, this was the complete overview to get the comparisons to answer for Blogger vs WordPress for making money and based upon what parameters you can choose and get the answer which is best Blogger or WordPress.

And what is the best possible choice according to you?

Actually, if you go for the trend then obviously WordPress is the best choice but if you are rather going with hit and trial kind of prospects or looking for free ones based upon certain constraints then definitely Blogger is good for that.

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