Can I Sell Meesho Products on Amazon: Increase Your Businesses

can i sell meesho products on amazon
sell meesho products on amazon

How To Sell Meesho Products on Amazon, Can I Resell Amazon Products, Resell Meesho Products, Sell Any Products on Amazon, Sell Meesho Products on Flipkart, In today’s time, when every person who is a little bit curious related to digital things and always keen to find ways to make money online, mostly prefers selling products online.

And at that time, the most asked question is Can I sell meesho products on Amazon?

To sell products online, the main channels to do so lie in three broad categories – drop-shipping, reselling, e-commerce.

And the question of which is how to sell meesho products on Amazon lies in the segment covering all.

With a high ongoing trend related to selling Meesho products and its fast growth story, these have become a very popular question to earn money in the least amount of time by having meesho products on Amazon in an effective way at least it seems to many.

Basically, meesho is an online reseller’s platform by which you can resell the products and earn a commission without investing money.

So, a question may arise that can I sell meesho products on Amazon but in a nutshell, the answer to this question is yes and no at the same time.

And you may wonder that you have seen a lot of blogs related to the step-by-step process covering selling meesho products on Amazon, but this is actually not true and can happen only in short term also consisting of high-risk factors.

Now, with reading so many things, there will be many questions popping up in your mind. Right? To address those and get better clarity in all of those, mainly to the question, How to sell meesho products on Amazon, check out our full blog.

Before driving into the matter let’s understand drop-shipping, reselling business, and e-commerce in a bit overview as it is a crucial point to understand the answer to the question can I sell meesho products on Amazon?

What is drop-shipping, reselling business and e-commerce? And their differences:

Drop-shipping is one kind of online business where you work as a middle man between the manufacturer or seller and the end consumer.

Drop-shipping Business
Drop-shipping Business

Basically in drop-shipping, you promote and market the product and charge a commission on the price of the product, but you don’t have to take care off related to the shipping, the manufacturer delivers the thing on their own but with your brand details.

In reselling business, a third-party platform works as a middle man between you and the manufacturer, you just market and promote the product and charge an upfront commission to that price of that product.

And the shipping functionality is taken care of by that third-party platform.

If you want to more about the increase your online reselling business then, you can check out this blog. (Online reselling business blog)

Are you enjoying, So keep reading…

In an E-commerce business, you just list down your products in an online store as a seller or manufacturer and get the profit based upon the selling price of the product. Here you don’t need to take care of shipping but need to maintain an inventory.

In the case of drop-shipping, you may have to maintain an inventory, but in the case of reselling business, you don’t have to do that.

So, now you have brushed up the brief overview related to drop-shipping, online reselling, and e-commerce business, and it will help you to get better clarity to the answer of How to sell meesho products on Amazon or more specifically can I sell meesho products on Amazon.

Now, it’s time to understand what is meesho and Amazon? And how do they work?

Meesho – the best online reselling platform:


Meesho is an online reselling mobile application for reselling products with zero investment, working from home, and with no headache to maintain an inventory.

In this platform, manufacturers or sellers list down their products at a wholesale price along with the maximum retail price(MRP). A person registered as a reseller can choose products as per his will based upon the categories and can then promote and market them to earn a commission on every sale conversion.

If you have registered as a reseller on this platform then you need not invest in maintaining the inventory, storage of products as well as shipping.

How does meesho work:

A manufacturer or seller who basically wants to sell his products by a reseller has to go with the Meesho Seller Registration Process and after doing so he will be creating a virtual store to list down all the products along with the selling price.

A reseller registered with meesho then browse for the products in that app that he wants to market. If they find the product as per their choice then they share it in the social media handles or recommend friends or basically perform the marketing operation with the product images, short descriptions with a price slightly higher than the price listed by the manufacturer or seller.

If a customer wishes to purchase that product then he will contact the reseller and then the reseller will further process with meesho stating the price difference as his commission and shipping details of the customers.

After receiving the order from the reseller, the seller or supplier will contact meesho regarding that the order is ready for delivery, and then meesho picks up the order, take care of the delivery process on time by making an invoice for the price quoted by you, the reseller.

The customer then directly pays meesho for the product, and then meesho keeps his commission fee and pays the product price to both seller and reseller accordingly.

Now you get to understand that a reseller never has to buy any product and maintain inventory. The only job for them is to promote the existing product listed by the manufacturer and then sell it to the end consumer.

To address How to sell meesho products on Amazon, let’s first understand Amazon as a platform.

What is Amazon and how it works:

Amazon is an online e-commerce platform where manufacturers or seller can list their products and the end consumer can purchase those products from there.


The first and foremost requirement to sell on Amazon is that you need to be an authorized seller, which means you can’t work as a middle man while selling the products to the end consumers.

First, you need to register as a seller on Amazon, and then based upon your working category i.e. the product you want to sell, you have to apply for the approval documentation to sell products on Amazon.

The main requirement for doing so is that you need to have a brand authorization letter and invoices of purchase of the item from the suppliers which you want to sell.

After getting the approval you can list the products and whenever you get the orders, you just need to pack and ship the orders to the customer with generating a proper invoice from your side.

The package should consist of the details only of you and not of any other mentioning as a seller or reseller.

Amazon is very strict about the authentication of the products and the seller for the same. Violation of these can cause suspension of account, banned from Amazon, and legal complications too.

What Amazon does more than Meesho:

After getting through the above-mentioned details and working functionality of both Meesho and Amazon, you have already got much more clarity in terms of their working differences, but need to go one step more to find the answer of How to sell meesho products on Amazon.

But there is something more which additionally Amazon does than demand, knowing that will lead to your question’s answer.

Audits from Amazon:

Amazon is very conscious about the services and maintaining its brand image. That’s why they keep a check on your performance as a seller.

Any legal compliance against you, reviews, products quality, brand infringement claims, or counter fit may cause an audit from Amazon. These claims can come not only from the customers but also can from the other seller or brand owners.

In recent days, Amazon has started auditing the listing of products more often than earlier. If they found any kind of disparity with their mentioned norms or get any kind of the slightest doubts regarding you and your business procedure, they can ask you for the proper documentation related to those aspects.

Invoice and Brand Authorization letter:

For working with Amazon and starting an e-commerce business with them, the mandatory document to prove the authenticity of you and your product you need to have a proper invoice from the supplier or brand describing the authorization to sell products on Amazon along with the brand authorization letter.

If you’re lagging in this factor and are not able to provide the right kind of invoice as per their demand, your account may be suspended, and you will not be allowed to continue your e-commerce business with Amazon.

In case you are thinking that you can manage this by making fudge invoices, then let me clarify first that they can easily be caught you and if so, then you will be banned from Amazon, and they can also charge you with some legal complications.

They also have a close eye on the sales receipt, so any kind of mistake on the same will not be entertained by them.

The invoice should clearly state the supplier’s information, your name of business, and details which are registered on Amazon and the quality should be a match with your sales.

Now after gathering a full-fledged knowledge about all the aspects now these will lead to your question’s answer about can I sell meesho products on Amazon and to get better clarity on that too.

Can I sell Meesho Products on Amazon:

meesho products on Amazon
Meesho Products on Amazon

The simplest answer is yes, you can but you should not!

Anyone who is willing to sell meesho products or doing the same is basically working on the drop-shipping method, i.e. lists the products on Amazon with the description or products from meesho.

So, technically sounds that it is possible as Amazon allows drop shopping under certain conditions but in the actual scenario it will not be based upon the aspects described as What Amazon does more than meesho.

And in an actual sense, it is really not a good idea at all in the case of Amazon, as it is very strict with the authorization and there is no segregation of working functionality between the regular seller and those who are doing drop-shipping.

The same policies, same compliance need to be followed for both which means you need to have proper brand authorization and invoices for the products, which seems to have no ground for the reselling approach.

So, in simple words, the answer to your question, can I sell meesho products on Amazon – is NO!

Now you may find a question coming up in your mind is that you have seen many people are selling on Amazon through their dropshipping business.

Now how this can be possible!

There may be another thing that may also arise in your mind is that if one can do so, then How to sell meesho products on amazon.

The simple answer for that is, yes it is possible, and they show you that they are earning lakhs of rupees by these. But in actual it is a short-term game and has no basic ground to further reach the high.

It may seem that it is a quick way to earn money but in reality, they are leaning them out to a high risk of being suspended from Amazon as it is against their working functionality which is described earlier.

If anytime Amazon asks for product listings and asks for the invoices and brand authorization, you may find it difficult and the worst thing that can happen is that you may also not able to provide the same.

And these may cause account banning as well as a huge penalty.

Main reason why it is not advisable to sell meesho products on Amazon:

There are many reasons for which is it had been not at all advisable to sell meesho products through Amazon. And here are the few points described below:

Invoice and brand Authorization letter:

The main hindrance: The main thing which needs to consider to work with Amazon is the proper type of invoices and brand authorization letter.

In the case of selling the meesho products on Amazon, you may not be able to generate a proper invoice which they will ask for, at that time they may doubt about your working process which can lead to the removal of products and even in extreme will lead to account ban.

Product Quality:

Product Quality
Image Credit By- Freepik, Product Quality

Amazon and every other e-commerce platforms are very much cautious related to product quality.

In case of your process of working like drop-shipping, you may not be able to get the time to check the product quality before the promised shipping time to the end consumer.

If a customer gets a bad product then they may lodge a complaint on Amazon about that, which may result to give compensation from your pocket, audit of products, and many such unwanted things.

Shipping Time in case of drop-shipping:

For selling the products on Amazon through meesho you need to work first, you have to get the order shipped to your home first, then repackage it with the newly generated product invoice of yours and seller details, then ship the products to the end consumer.

And in every step you have to be very cautious as there is a high chance of mistakes and Amazon will check that in every step when you ship to the customer.

Also, there also lies a chance that you may not deliver the product on time for the delay in those intermediate steps. If you fail to ship the product on time, then Amazon will automatically cancel the order and multiple such cases will lead to your account suspension.

Brand Authorization:

If you sell a product on Amazon ordered from meesho, then it may happen that the listed product’s brand actually does not allow any third party to sell on Amazon.

And for that, there may be a conflict with that brand’s policy, and they can easily file complaints against you which may lead to audit and account suspension.

Customer Service:

Customer Service
Image Credit By- Freepik, Customer Service

Amazon offers excellent customer service and tries to engage with customers right after the delivery and if any issue arises from their side.

But in the case of meesho the customer service is not that much responsive. Any such disparity with your product or issues related to quality can not be addressed fast. It may take a long time, too.

And these may affect your working functionality, which may also cause not delivering the product on time as well as not addressing the customer properly from your end. So, after knowing so many things in detail that why it is not recommended to sell products on Amazon from meesho and doing that what may happen, your next question may be based upon that then where can I sell Meesho products?

Place where you can sell Meesho products:

There are many ways to promote and sell your meesho products. As the main functionality of meesho lies with the reseller perspective, so marketing plays a crucial role here to sell the products.

In simple words, where you can market the product there, you can easily sell your meesho products apart from e-commerce store(visit their conditions for more details).

Here are a few ways where you can market and sell meesho products.

  • Promoting in the friends, family and relatives
  • Sharing the product links and description on various social handles like Facebook, Instagram.
  • Writing blogs related to lifestyle, dresses and fashion and promoting the product there.
  • Spreading through WhatsApp message and status as well as Instagram Stories.
  • Doing some digital marketing about your product
  • Promoting through YouTube videos
  • Word of mouth works best

Final Word:

So, hope you get all the answers related to all possible questions related to the possibility of selling meesho products on Amazon.

Now you have understood what can be done and what can not be, if you sell on Amazon what are the necessary things to keep in your mind from the very beginning, and the cautious points to take care of.

And in the case of meesho products what you can do and what are the different ways to promote the same.

At last, it can be said that whatever you wish to do, please check and refer to the terms and conditions as well as the compliance policy to get better clarity if your working functionality thinking matches with them.

If so, go ahead with it, if not then try to work on a different path, otherwise, it will not take much time to turn all your success into dust.

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