Content Writing tips for beginners: A Ultimate Guide

Content Writing Tips for Beginners

In this blog, we are going to share some content writing tips for beginners and a basic guidance to trace your work in a better position than others.

So, now you have decided to start something with writing contents for your own or for some organization based upon some goals. But as a beginner you don’t have enough references about where to start, how to start, what are the key points to take care off and much more.

Basically you are looking for some content writing tips and direction to fine tune your content writing from the very early stage right?

And surely you have landed up in the right place to get some tips and tricks from the experts to excel in this journey for your near future. There are more than 2 billion websites on the internet and more than 4 billion searches on the internet to rank your content and get visited by the searchers you need to do implement strategical and tactical steps in order to better promote your writings.

But before addressing the content writing tips, let’s clarify how to start content writing for beginners

How to start content writing for Beginners?

This is a question which need to be answered first and one can really understand the basic understanding about if this field is for them or not. Content writing gives one edge who have some profound knowledge about something and keen interest towards a particular matter.

Let’s say, if anyone has a special interest about Make money online, Blogging, Digital marketing, and he also has profound knowledge related to this. Writing the blogs or contents related to this aspect will be easier for him as well as, to understand some new elements of this field will be easy for him to interpret and also to write contents related to that.

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Content writing is for everyone, as everyone has a specific knowledge or interest, but everyone can not write all the corners of every content. That’s why if anyone wishes to be a good content writer, it’s advised that start with that corner in which he had a sound knowledge and interest. And eventually he can also increase his knowledge in other segments as well, and can excel by writing content in that too.

Content writing tips for beginners:

Now as you have already got to know your starting domain, it’s time to understand some content writing tips to make your journey more smooth.

Below are all the points given step-by-step:

1. Write a compelling headline as a first image:

Compelling as a first image

Headline plays a very crucial role in content writing as most of the visitors will decide whether to go through to this writing or not based upon the headline. It captures the attention of the visitors and lit up an interest that yeah, this can be useful according to my search query.

By writing a compelling headline covering the main terms used in the follow-on writings is useful for making the sense of the image of the writing. Keep it short, but informative and easy to understand.

2. Write Easy to understand content:

Your content must be in that position that it is easy to understand for the readers as well as google to scan and understand. Long pages of text is not preferable as it is not readers’ friendly who read those on smartphones.

Most of the readers tend to read the main points or aspects they are looking for rather than the whole one. So, make sure your content is written in small paragraphs of 2-3 lines, max 4 lines covering the concept. If there is an example, then it’s advisable to write it in the next paragraph to better connect with the content theme.

Use subheadings and bullets or main key points in a point wise manner to create a visual impact as well as make things easy to get, for what they are looking for.

Numbered lists and things written in bullet points also helps you to organize the content and make it easy to align with Google’s index algorithm, which directly or indirectly increase the search volume.

3. Topic is the main point:

Understanding of the topic and writing and expressing it in the most simplified way is the paramount mantra for succeeding in the content writing. First understand the topic in which points it revolves around, what are the points need to include, references or examples is important and plays a pivotal role for standing out the content from others.

It’s mostly seen that many times writers involve in an example or describing the thing in such a way with other analogies that the whole topic became vague, unclear and readers doesn’t connect with that. So, it’s also important to limit yourself while describing a thing, only mention the important ones which can be relevant towards the writing and its goal.

4. Understand and add some keywords:

add some keywords

Writing a content and understanding of the topic is important, but it’s also important to focus on the aspect of appearing on the Google search from the very beginning to better optimize and start writing practice on that basis, otherwise the whole hard work will not be fruitful.

For appearing the writings in the search engine, one need to understand how it works? Search engines scan the whole contents among the all contents present over internet according to the searcher’s query by dividing the whole search input in small words or phrases called as keywords and check for those words or phrases in the contents, whenever it matches the engine include that content into their result consideration and then rank those pages or contents according to their own parameters and algorithms.

So, your content should be based upon the traffic generating keywords, and it should have a decent enough density throughout the content for better matching. But one thing need to be note that the keywords placing should not be very dense otherwise search engines are also smart enough that this content is trying to push in better places without the relevancy, which will adversely affect the search for your content.

Just include one focus keyword in the headings as well as in the whole content for at least once and maximum three times for every 100 words and some other secondary or LSI keywords in the content as same.

5. Make the content enough in word count:

Word Count

The content should be long enough and satisfy with a decent amount of word count to synchronize with search engine’s algorithm. Search engines generally rank higher the content having a greater content. Yet, there are many other factors, but it’s one of the most crucial factors.

The content should be a minimum of 1000 words and in most of the time between 1500-2000 words for a better search results. A recent study shows that content having word count around 1900 are considered good enough for search ranking.

As you are a beginner, start with writing at least 700 words with a proper consistency and throughout of the topic with above-mentioned points in consideration.

6. Using tools is great!:

It’s often heard from many that while writing many writers do a lot of mistakes in grammar and spelling, and if they start caring about those things while writing, many times they got end up messing with the topics and the overall thought process of the writing.

To get out of this problem, many developers has already developed a lot of  free tools to make the things easy for you. There are a lot of tools present over internet as grammar, spelling checker or antonym synonym suggestion maker. And one can really enjoy their writing by just adding their extensions in browsers or can use as external tool as well.

7. Keep yourself away from plagiarism:

Check plagiarism writing

Plagiarism is a strictly prohibited practice in the content writing domain for various reason. Plagiarism means stealing someone’s idea. As the content are written by someone, and it’s an intellectual thing, so copying an idea or writing of others is an ill practice.

If anyone working for any organization and end up doing plagiarism then he may end up with loosing job and many other bad scenarios can happen as well. For writing of your own, search engines also used to see if the content is matching with someone else’s content or not. They respect the uniqueness of content and thus promote it by appearing in their result page. Doing that can penalize your site or removed from the search engine’s result page.

8. Have a thorough proofreading of your content:

Nothing works better than having a thorough proofreading of the whole content at last or writing for every point or sub heading. Many content writers don’t used to give a proofreading after completion, this is not a good practice as this may overlook some of grammatical and spelling mistake as well the chances of representing an idea in a much more fine tune way.

After giving a thorough proofreading it helps to come up with some new points, some good examples, points to consider for better representation and many other things. So, keep this point in your mind and practice is really helpful for writing a next level content in earlier stage.

9. Make sure you are not repeating the same content:

When idea became limited or anyone who have not gathered decent amount of knowledge for what he is going to write end up content writing the same thing in different tones, voices and even under different subheading as a common thread, but it is not advisable.

If anyone lacks for knowledge then first have to do proper research and analysis then only write the content. Repeating the same thing again and again in different ways can end up making the reader bored and also feel like no value addition from the content, which is not a goal for anyone in this field. So, consciously or unconsciously, if anyone did this, make sure you start to identify this thing and omit this practices while writing as early as possible.

10. Answer targeted audience’s question:

It’s important to address the targeted audience’s questions in the first go, otherwise they will just end up reading the first few lines of your content and will found not matching with their question, and then may be ended up following someone else’s content.

So, it’s advised to attract the targeted audience’s attention towards your point by mentioning the specific details in the sub heading or writing some catchy lines of the described things and then doing bold or some other font editing.

Also try to add some more valuable points or information on the content to make the things more engaging as well as covering more value addition aspect than other contents, this will give you an edge to stand apart from others.


SO, these are some useful tips for the beginners who are aspiring to be a content writer in future or to gain some hand on experience in this field. One thing to keep in mind, that one can only succeed in this field with delivering the right kind of valuable content to the right audience. That’s why to understand for whom you are going to write, or which specific thing you are describing or addressing, how to convey the whole idea is paramount. Also read a lot, learn a lot to deliver the best possible contents from your side.

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