Top 13 Free Responsive Super Fast Loading Blogger Templates 2022

Fast loading blogger templates  – is a trending topic on the internet and most bloggers always used to search for the best SEO-friendly blogger templates for their useful purpose.

They are even ready to opt for the best-paid blogger templates but are always stuck in finding the right kind of templates suggestions and how to get the free premium blogger templates.

If you have ever seen the blogger template outlook, then there is a high probability where you get to know that you need to have a good amount of technical knowledge to build the blog layouts.

But working in this direction may not create that much less loading speed containing blog layout. And for that, you need to have good expertise for creating website blogger templates along with optimizing the HTML part to make the best SEO-friendly blogger template.

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In this blog, we are going to discuss some free premium blogger templates as well as suggest some best-paid blogger templates which you may consider for your website based upon certain parameters.

We will also give you the resource link by which you can get both HTML and XML codes for that template which you need in terms of using that in your blogger template.

No doubt that choosing a perfect blogger template for your site to be it free or premium is a tough decision, and you need to check thousands of options present over the internet to find out the fast-loading blogger templates for your site.

You also need to consider the attributes of the template as it needs to synchronize with your site objectives or deliverables, and as your site is one kind of your online visiting card and first touchpoint of establishing as a brand, so you must go with the best free premium blogger templates as it is not a good practice to change the templates in a short span of time.

It is very essential that you consider going ahead with fast loading blogger template from the very beginning and give it the utmost priority as it contributes to a high weightage to get a better rank in SERP.

Apart from the fast loading speed, one also needs to account for the responsive template or theme so that you need to think additionally about the templates used in different devices. The responsive design will take care of this aspect.

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So, one also needs to consider and should give a look that the template which they are opting forgives the responsive outlay to most of the device use or not.

These are the main two parameters that you need to take care of for considering the fast-loading blogger template and going with the best-paid blogger template in order to get the best SEO-friendly blogger template for your website.

Why you must choose fast loading responsive Blogger templates:

Before we directly jump to the best-paid blogger templates or free premium blogger templates suggestions for your site, first let’s understand a few points for why you must choose fast-loading blogger templates along with responsive design for your website.

Boost Organic traffic by SEO-friendly blogger templates:

Most of the search engines, including Google, always tend to give higher rankings to the websites which have comparatively low loading speed along with responsive design.

This is mainly the reason for user experience. If a site loads in less amount time, then it improves user experience and delivers the answer of the query in an instant. Whereas a responsive device takes care of the device aspects in order to get things working fine irrespective of the device.

User-friendliness by fast loading blogger templates:

Going for the responsive fast-loading blogger templates, which also align with the services or values of your sites, works best in terms of user-friendliness.

Mobile and device friendly:

The other most important reason for which indeed fast loading blogger templates with responsive layout opens the door in many attributes to the website ranking is mobile and device friendliness.

With the responsive designs, the templates fit easily with allowing necessary toggle options by default to fit every component of a site easily in any screen resolution.

SEO optimization:

Due to the above-described reasons, quick responsive templates along with fast loading speed undoubtedly contribute directly or indirectly to the SEO optimization of a site with free premium blogger templates, which increases SERP and traffic to the site.

Increase more traffic:

As described in the earlier points, the combined contributions of every aspect due to the fast loading blogger templates along with responsive designs in the site drives a huge amount of traffic, which helps better to achieve your important goals.

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So, these are some reasons for which you must consider for moving ahead with best-paid blogger templates or free premium blogger templates, for implementing the fast-loading templates from the very beginning to improve the SEO quality.

Now, here onwards we are going to discuss some of the best fast-loading blogger templates which are going to help you directly or indirectly to boost your site SEO along with increasing traffic.

Best fast loading blogger templates to use for your site – free premium blogger templates:

Blog design is very important for your site, and you also need to be a little bit choosy for considering the templates for your site among all present over the internet.

There are many free as well as best paid premium blogger templates which one may consider for such purposes. These templates are the best fast-loading blogger templates and for such a light loading time they can also be considered SEO-friendly blogger templates.

Here we are going to discuss those templates along with some attributes of them to give you a better perspective of what you can consider for your site.

Fastify – best free premium blogger templates:

Fastify is a very powerful and popular blogger template when the primary objective is to make money from AdSense. These templates give you enough strategic areas to place ads from AdSense.

Thus, going with this template automatically increases the probability of earning more from advertisements. Fastify is among those few fast loading -blogger templates which is made in a fully optimized manner to load sites faster and by which you get increased visibility of your site in SERP.

Fastify also allows one to opt for custom widgets and full customization according to your wish to better integrate with your business outlook.

Features of Fstify Blogger template:

  • 100% responsive design in both free and premium plans
  • Social icons in header, along with dropdown menu option
  • Trending post feature in premium plans
  • Fixed sidebar for better outlook
  • Footer section to add or custom gadgets, along with footer menu
  • AdSense inline ads on premium plan
  • Auto translate in both plans with fully customizable background and colors.

Premium license fee:

$6.95 (one can get this template for free with giving credits to them, but no support included for that)

Seoify – the best fast loading blogger templates:

Seoify is one of those professional blogger templates that give you the option to go with full customization along with very fast services in terms of loading speed.

This is the main reason for the popularity of this template. This simple best-paid blogger template is known to deliver optimized results like no other template because of its development process.

It was developed with the most recent technologies and a unique way of developing templates that give the latest blogger codes along with that.

So, Going with Seoify, will also provide you with multiple options to monetize blogs with multiple sections for ads.

Features of Seoify Blogger template:

  • It provides the best possible responsive designs in both free and paid plans.
  • It has the auto RTL version.
  • In Seoify you will get fixed menu, automatic mobile menu along with post share options, fixed sidebar, footer menu and many more in both plans.
  • In paid plan you will get the post list by according to a Widget like recent, label, comments.
  • In both plans, Seoify gives you the auto translation, fast loading along with full SEO optimization.
  • You can do full customizations in the background, color, fonts, text display methods.
  • Dark version in paid plan.

Premium license fee:

$6.95 (one can get this template for free with giving credits to them, but no support included for that)

Zyro – SEO-friendly blogger template:

Zyro is among the top website template providers who, normally, give you a wide variety of templates to select under its roof as per your choice and convenience.

Zyro is basically a template provider under the hosting provider Hostinger. So, if you choose Hostinger plans, then you can easily opt for the templates from this platform.

Zyro has many categories to choose the best possible lightweight SEO-friendly template from all, and most of these templates cover most of the necessary features which one may need for their site objectives.

Features of Zyro Blogger template:

  • Zyro provides a wide range of templates under one roof, based upon certain categories and based upon your requirement, you are free to choose any of those.
  • It enables you t start with a blank site and one can build full SEO optimized site from scratch with this  templates
  • Most of the templates contains the main features or attributes which one may need.
  • Fast loading speed and optimized according to make appealing for the users
  • Zyro plans includes professionally managed cloud hosting, for this reason you don’t have to bother about backups and all.

Boom – fast loading blogger templates:

Boom is one of those free premium blogger templates providers that gives one access to some awesome features and custom layouts that one can use for magazine and lifestyle-type blogs.

If you are the kind of person who wishes to have some cool template for their lifestyle-oriented genre blogs but opts for fast loading speed, then Boom is the best possible option for them.

Boom offers one the customizations as per their wish in the easiest way to make more templates in its both paid and free versions.

Boom blogger template allows you to go with excellent inspection and presentation for the website in a cool stuffy manner.

Features of Boom Blogger template:

  • Boom offers a vast user base along with responsive designs in its themes.
  • One can access and add more widgets and applications.
  • More SEO friendly fast loading themes
  • It is quite easy to use and gives manual documentation covering almost all possible solutions of your queries.

Hiero- SEO-friendly blogger template:

If you are that kind of person who has exposure to blogging in the magazine or news-related opinion sharing kind of genre, then definitely Hiero can be the best possible solution for it.

Hiero actually gives you a 2 column responsive column layout, and you actually don’t need to concern about the responsiveness related to the sites based upon the different browser/devices.

Hiero always gives you enough options to customize your site according to your own wish as well as provide different options to connect with social media handles so that it became an AdSense-ready site from the very beginning. It also supports all possible features of a blogger.

Features of Hiero Blogger template:

  • Hiero has a very low loading time, which is 0.65 sec only.
  • Hiero serves you best paid blogger template based upon blog/magazine style design.
  • It gives you enough widget ready & threaded comments facility to work upon.
  • It is 100% free, and also provides you the GPL license.
  • Likewise, it has the Custom menus’ facility enabled with it.

NanoPress – free premium blogger templates for your site:

Nanopress is one of the best free premium blogger templates with fully mobile-friendly UI and customization.

The Nanopress theme actually works as the best SEO-friendly blogger template and fits any size of the display, and it supports most of the resolutions and works fine in all versions of the latest browsers.

The theme of this site is SEO-ready and also helps to get higher search engine rankings for your blog.

Nanopress is actually a very simple, user-friendly, and functional blogging template that provides you enough opportunity to work with adding more functionalities with the help of widgets.

Features of NanoPress Blogger template:

  • It has a loading time of 1.7 sec
  • Nanopress is the best SEO-friendly blogger template as it comes with full SEO optimization.
  • It supports the YouTube thumbnail
  • Enables the recent comment feature under this roof
  • Provides new custom designs under blogger theme customizations
  • Customized error 404 pages.
  • One can enable newsletter subscription option with the help of a widget.

Magento – best fast loading blogger template:

Magento blogger template is one of the most famous blogging templates for personal blogs, magazines, and technological gadget-related blogs.

Magento template gives you a fast-loading blogger template that includes a neat and clean but appealing design.

With the Ajax coding, this template has a very low loading time with social media and bookmarking options under its roof.

This blog template provides you with complete mobile-friendly responsive designs and layouts to generate more traffic without having any issues.

Features of Magento Blogger template:

  • Magento is a very fast loading template and its average loading time is just 0.60 seconds.
  • Magento has a multiple comment area under its template.
  • Mobile friendly responsive designs.
  • Mobile and other devices friendly templates and outlays.
  • Discus commenting section as per owner’s wish.


Among the fast loading templates Resizable is one of those other famous names that provides highly responsive designs with awesome cool features.

If you write blogs in magazines, news, or technical blogs then it is a perfect match for your site.

Resizable offers you are appealing social media sharing buttons and with the three columns features in the main front end, it gives the viewers an amazing look.

Resizable is also known for its responsive user-friendly blogger template with cleanly coded and enabling responsive designs in a very cool way.

Features of Resizable Blogger template:

  • Resizable, has a very cool responsive design.
  • It has a low loading time as 1.20 sec.
  • It has two sidebars and four columns footer widget area to add more features to your site.
  • Fully SEO optimized with mobile-friendly UI.
  • Ads ready sides and components from very beginning.

Fast Edition – free premium blogger templates:

If you are a blogger and tend to look forward to some amazing fresh template to give a new look to your site than others, then a fast edition blogger template can be the one-stop solution for that.

This easy-to-navigate and SEO-friendly blogger template will definitely enrich your site with the help of customizations and welcome visitors to have a great experience.

Features of Fast-Edition Blogger template:

  • This blogger template has a very fast loading time, like only 0.72 secs.
  • This template is made in a full SEO optimized manner and allows one to attract more traffic.
  • Undoubtedly enables the best mobile-friendly options from the very beginning.
  • This fast loading blogger templates help one to avail the AdSense friendliness.
  • Appealing social media sharing buttons.

Pixel – free premium blogger templates:

If you are looking for a template that will show the recent blogs or most viewed posts as a highlight to the banner at the top of the site, then Pixel can be the best possible solution for your template search.

Pixel is used by most of the bloggers who actually work to like in the genres of the magazine, news, lifestyle blogs, travel, recipe and like more this type of segments where visual effects play a crucial role.

It’s one of the most used and popular in terms of light loading time for multi-niche blogs for bloggers.

Features of Pixel Blogger template:

  • Pixel gives you a highlight option to put some of your blogs under this section.
  • Email subscription widget for better communication.
  • Responsive design for better user experience across all devices.
  • Mobile and most of the device friendly templates under one roof.
  • Enables breadcrumbs navigation.
  • Disqus commenting system by using this template.

Gordon – the best SEO-friendly blogger template:

Gordon is a popular free blogger template that is used by many bloggers to post their blogs and segregate them under various heads.

Gordon is basically adapted from WordPress, and it gives one enough to customize as per their wish, with 2 columns, right-sidebar, minimalist, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails, and various other options to change the colors and layouts.

These qualities actually work best to create a customizable, responsive design along with catchy sidebars.

Gordon’s unique feature is that they offer templates in basically two colors – black and white, and with that the template looks simple but eye catchy at the same point.

Features of Gordon Blogger template:

  • Gordon works as a very fast loading template.
  • Its loading time is 1.25 sec on average.
  • Mobile friendly and responsive designed templates.
  • Disqus commenting system under one roof.
  • Eye catchy sidebars and icons to gain viewers attention.

Optima blogger template:

Optima is a great solution for blogger templates if you are looking for a template that is SEO optimized, mobile, and another device responsive to any resolution, Speed optimization, and appealing designs.

Optima covers all of these aspects under its solution of a template, and they also give you the perfect slots to place the ads.

As optima have a responsive theme, it fits and looks quite beautiful for any screen size and works best in terms of user engagement.

Features of Optima Blogger template:

  • Optima provides templates in an ads ready and responsive format to work best for you from the very beginning.
  • This free premium blogger templates are simple and easy to implement in various purposes like business, corporate, blog, personal
  • Have a professional look
  • Social bookmarking ready from the initial time
  • Have thumbnails, drop down menu, widgets, sidebars to customize and give a look as per your wish.

Claire – fast loading blogger template:

Claire is a very simple, best SEO-friendly blogger template with a very attractive look.

This best-paid blogger template gives you an option to slideshow the blogs or contents on the homepage.

These free premium blogger templates work best for fashion, travel, beauty, luxury goods, cars, photography, and product review kinds of blogs.

Features of Claire Blogger template:

  • Claire provides you easy to use responsive SEO friendly templates.
  • Email subscription widget and drop down menu enabling option.
  • Slideshow in homepage.
  • Social bookmarking, post thumbnails customization under one template.
  • Fast loading speed and breadcrumbs navigation.

Final World:

So, these were the top to bottom suggestions for best-paid blogger templates as well as free premium blogger templates with their features described there along with the process of how one can get access to the paid ones as free if applicable.

We have also discussed why one must consider the SEO-friendly blogger templates and fast-loading ones to get more traffic. Not only that, what are the reasonable factors one should keep in their mind for choosing blogger templates. Hope you have got enough fair ideas related to this aspect and will also be able to choose the right kind of templates among the mentioned ones as per your demand.

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