The ultimate Profitable Micro Niche Blog Ideas to start a blog

Micro niche blog ideas – that is what you’re looking for, right! And you landed here, but for what reason.

Umm, the reason may be based upon this, you have started your career and get a little bit of prosperity in the domain of blogging, but it seems to you that you have stuck in terms of growth, and visitor’s landfall in your blogs.

You have already tried to write your best, tried all possible things from improving the content, keyword-rich, SEO optimized, but the result is not improving at all.

You are disappointed looking for some new way to do it in a much better way, and then you heard about the micro-niche blog ideas, and it is an awesome job to go with it and earn huge money as well as increase the views of your blog.

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But you are curious about what is it? Why is it so much important for a turnaround story in blogging? What actually it means? And to work with these things, what do you need to do? Is targeting the micro-niche blog ideas is a good decision for you?

And if yes, then what are the best micro niche blog ideas for blogging in 2021 which you can target.

To answer all sorts of your queries and deliver the best possible answer to all of these questions, check out our full blog!

What is micro niche blog:

You may think that a micro-niche blog is something different from the blog you have written before, but actually, this is not the case.

Blogging is a big domain, it consists of various topics of blogs including their prospects.

And thus for a blogger who wants to get some prosperity, it became a difficult job to get the views as the whole searches are divided among all and those who are already pioneer in the field for what the user is looking for they will appear in the top and thus will get the maximum out of all.

Choosing a particular domain and more specifically a subdomain which is called niche can give you enough edge and opportunity to become the top player of that segment.

A micro-niche blog mainly focuses on a very particular and small topic as a whole and covers all possible aspects of it. It mainly runs on the basis of long-tail keywords. And start-up bloggers will get better results only if they focus on long-tail keywords. If you rank long-tail keywords, they automatically rank short-tail keywords.

For example, sports is a huge domain for blogging, targeting cricket is better than covering the sports as a whole, but when you target only a very specific among it let’s say test matches of India then it has become a micro-niche blog.

Why to go with micro niche blog ideas:

As per the name suggests, the blogger here targets a specific niche. By targeting a specific niche, one gets a lot of varieties, choices, and opportunities to become a master.

A traditional approach to writing blogs will not enable you to become a master of a specific one, rather while you target the multiple domains the overall chances of generating enough views drop.

The traditional method or not going with the micro-niche blog ideas can adversely affect you in a way of not generating enough recall value for you and your site.

For example, suppose you are writing in many domains, and the viewers also get to know about your blog. But when you target a specific niche and cover all possible things on that, search engines algorithm and people usually tend to find out that this blog site is really helpful for looking for these types of matter.

Thus, it generates a strong recall value related to the expertise in a particular domain and makes a good no of loyal viewers who looks for a particular thing in your blogs first.

Usually, micro-niche blogs run on the long-tail keywords which basically run of low search volume, but the no of contents present over there is also less. Targeting that segment helps you to get the maximum search directions from there.

Many of the time one also gets enough opportunity to do a specific brand collaboration, promoting a particular product or service, or linking more affiliate links into his content with micro niche blogs which indirectly helps you to generate more money than the traditional ones.

In this way, targeting micro-niche blog ideas opens many doors for getting more exposure to the blogging industry and more possibility to be the pioneer in your niche as well as to earn a huge amount of money.

How to get micro niche blog ideas:

After getting to know much more related to micro-niche blogging, its opportunity, and its positive fruits, you are very much convinced why it is good to target micro niche ideas and pretty much excited to go with that.

But something which pops up in your mind is how to get the micro-niche blog ideas? And what are the best micro niche for blogging in 2021? To resolve your query we are going to discuss this in this section.

The best possible way for getting the micro-niche blog idea is to identify and working in your domain of interest. It may sound not convincing for many of you, but it can really help you to become the pioneer in that segment.

And the simple reason is that, as this will be your domain of interest, you will know all the possible sorts of things, and in case of not, you will never feel bored for learning that thing too.

The way you deliver the content will be much more different from the way you will, for the other domain.

If you don’t have any particular specific interest then you can go with the niche which matches your experiences let it be jobbed, internships, student time, or any other thing.

Still, if you find it difficult to find an idea for your micro-niche blog, then check out the next section to get to know about the best micro niche for blogging in 2021, and can choose among them according to your choice.

Best micro niche for blogging  in 2021:

There are many micro-niches present over the internet which one can target. But all of them are not of that much level which will help you to get enough prosperity.

Targeting the right kind of niche which consists of a good amount of traffic as well as sources of content is important. Here we have discussed the best micro niche blog ideas based upon these factors to boost your blogging career.

Targeting Smartphone’s RAM, Camera, internal storage – the best micro niche blog idea:

Image Credit By- FixIT Mobile, Smartphone Component

Smartphone search has always a huge amount of search volume. A survey states that people tend to see more than 12 smartphones for buying online.

With these, you have already got an idea related to how good it will be to target this segment especially related to the most searched features like RAM, Camera, Processor, Internal Storage, UI, Battery specifications.

Giving in detailed views related to these aspects as well as comparing those with other brands’ smartphones will be really helpful for the viewers and thus targeting these micro-niche blog ideas you will get an open ground to play.

Specifying Laptops and Computers – a great micro niche idea:

Image Credit By- Igniting, Laptop & Computer

In today’s digital era, Laptops and computers became an essential part> And most people look for many recommendations of the best choice according to their purpose.

What are the specification they need to fulfill their purpose and then identifying and comparing with other is a general task for these but there are only a few who delivers all these sorts of things in a most structured and proper way.

By targeting this micro-niche idea, you can deliver honest reviews and recommendations related to the most searched categories of laptops like gaming, programming, machine learning, video editing, general-purpose, OS friendly, Development friendly, etc.

Electronic goods and gadgets:

Image Credit By- Architectural Digest India, Electronic Gadgets

Among the most viewed and searched blog categories, this segment always wins the battle in terms of both the prospect.

This micro-niche blogging idea mainly deals with the specification and comparison of different company’s electronics products, as well as recommendations related to the purpose of use.

One can also make a community or forum to address others’ doubt as a common platform and work on that too. Another way to go in this direction is spreading knowledge related to a particular thing.

For example, what is DDR4 RAM?, what’s the difference between an Intel i3 processor and an Intel i5 processor, and which is better and why? What is a Smartwatch and why you should have one? Blogs related to this kind of thought help you to cover most of the aspects of a particular genre and make the whole contents of your forum more engaging.

Image Credit By- Freepik, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are the most trending topics over the internet.

Most of people search for these things and are eager to know and grasp more and more knowledge and know-how related to them.

That’s why targeting this micro-niche idea for blogging and describing each aspect of it from scratch and then going to the next level of content helps you to better establish yourself as a leader of this niche as well as an open forum for all sorts of things.

You can also recommend a few cryptos to invest in and can also further recommend it under various factors like budget, industry, past return prospective, future growth, and trading purpose.

Stock market and Finance as a whole – the best long-term micro niche for blogging in 2021:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Stock Market & Finance

The stock market is always a trending topic over the internet.

Most of the investors research on the internet for their investment purpose and also to look for better opportunities in the market.

 If you are such kind of person who is well updated with the market as well as have a decent amount of knowledge related to this matter then definitely you can go ahead with these micro niche blog idea.

You can advise stocks based upon your views and the industry which you are choosing for.

Many of the investors also look for explanations of various terminologies related to finance and the stock market. Your blogs may cover those aspects as well to get a better holistic targeting of the entire segment.

Many people also look for regular updates of the market and what’s happening in the finance industry  – you can also update these things with your blogs on a regular basis and can gain trust as a whole of all of these.

Healthcare – the best evergreen micro niche for blogging:

Image Credit By- Healthcare

The healthcare segment is always an evergreen micro-niche to work upon.

 Nowadays, most people tend to purchase healthcare things based upon other reviews, specification not just by hearing the brand name and going with its recall value.

In simple words, we are now moving in a direction of purchasing healthcare items by doing research on what is good for what and what will suit me the best.

And for addressing all such questions, there arises a lot of opportunities while targeting these micro niche ideas as a whole. One can give genuine recommendations, comparisons, reviews, suitable factors, and many more. You will also get an ample number of options to make some affiliate links based upon the healthcare products, which indirectly help you to make more money.

Fitness and Weight loss:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Fitness

Among the most popular varieties of micro-niche ideas, the idea related to fitness and weight loss is a great niche target.

There are a lot of options to target individually in fitness. People are more eager to get to know better options to make them fit in the most effective way and the necessary steps to achieve that in the most structured format.

Resolving this matter with your blog and also updating you about the effective ways to lose weight gives you ample opportunities to generate enough views and money simultaneously.

Beauty and makeup products:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Makeup & Beauty products

What can be better than targeting a specific gender as a whole?

One can easily target the micro-niche relating to beauty and makeup products with the blogs describing the specifications, components used for making, their pros and cons, what will suit whom, and many more other factors as a whole.

Working with beauty and makeup products also helps you to generate a good volume of affiliate traffic by which you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Image Credit By- Freepik, Digital Marketing

Today, in the era of digitalization, digital marketing has become a new normal of performing the marketing of a brand or product in online channels.

And for that reason, it is becoming a skill that everyone is willing to learn or at least willing to get some handful of insights for knowledge or implementation purposes.

There are many sub-domains or micro-niches present under the umbrella of digital marketing which gives a thousand topics to share the knowledge and update about the latest through blogs. You can choose any of the niches of digital marketing like SEO, Social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, PPC model, Web design and optimization, etc, and can share the information related to the proper know-how and market trends, adaption of new things as well.

If you want to know more about the future scope of digital marketing, you can visit our (digital marketing blog) post.

If you want to know more details, go to this post (types of digital marketing)

Pet care- the best micro niche for blogging in 2021:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Pet Care

Writing blogs related to pates and their care is always very interesting and enjoyable, as well as viewer engaging.

So, if you are a pet lover or like to spend time with pets and animals or have a pet, then definitely targeting this micro-niche can really be an enjoyable task for you.

The other pet holders or the persons who are willing to have a pet, tend to search on the internet about the pet’s behavioral pattern, eating habits, stories of playing time, caring directions, habit formation technique, and many more other small things as well.

Blogs describing these aspects with the pictures of your pet can be super engaging with the personal touch. So, if you have a pet or have relevant information or experiences to share with others, then definitely these niches will help you to achieve more whatever you wished for.

Baby care – the evergreen micro niche idea for blogging:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Baby Care

The baby care segment is an evergreen micro niche for blogging.

One can write blogs on various topics covering most of the aspects related to the baby’s daily routine, situation handling with them, baby care products, and various other aspects which are relevant and useful on the same note.

There are many baby care products affiliate links present, by adding those in your blogs, you can also generate enough amount of money.

If you have a baby, or any child specialist or works with baby care activities, then probably you will enjoy a lot of writing those experiences and advice in that blogs.

Sports – the best micro niche for blogging in all times:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Sports

People are always excited about sports-related matters and also search over the internet to get much more details about a particular sport, or player or match or tournament.

There are many options under the sports segment and you can target that any of them according to your interest zone and expertise alignment.

You can also go with writing insights about the life of players from popular sports, or information related to a tournament and updates related to that. Sports being a vast topic gives you plenty of niches to work upon. You can also work as a community related to particular sports and can get a lot of engagement from that too.

Artificial Intelligence  – the best micro niche to start blogging in 2021:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Artificial Intelligence

In the era of modernization and automation, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is a topic of most people’s interest.

How machines can be made to think like us? How actually it works, What is the fundamental background of working principles of those? What are the algorithms working behind those things? And How it is implemented in that way?

These are the questions that pop up in the mind of many computer science students as well as who are curious to know new things in the world. Writing blogs in these types of niches covering all sorts of things in the most simplified and understandable language can be the best possible way to go ahead with blogging.

Traveling and tourist spot experience:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Traveling and tourist spot

People always like to know places where they can visit in their holidays. Blogs related to traveling and tourist spot experiences are the best solutions for that.

If you have visited any tourist spot then definitely you can share your whole experiences with a blog from a medium of the journey, to staying locations, place description, visiting spots and related experiences, ethnic culture, and dresses as well as food with some videos, photos, etc to make the things more engaging.

Your experience and suggestions for traveling can help a lot of persons. Usually, these types of blogs are very user engaging, that’s why working with this kind of niche will generate a good amount of traffic in less amount of time.

Cooking – the best micro niche to express a hobby through blog:

Image Credit By- Freepik, Cooking

If you are still looking for a topic by which you can express your experiences and suggestions through blogs then here it is.

You can share your experiences of tasting a new kind of dishes from any place, its ingredients, varieties as well as the cooking recipe of any dishes made by you, snacks, or anything which you may find relevant to your blogs.

You can also write things related to the add-ons to a particular food recipe to make it more enriched. You can also target a niche under the cooking where you only basically describe a good no of dishes from a particular item, let’s say paneer, and then add all of them under a thread.

Final Word:

So, these are the 12 best micro niches for blogging in 2021. Moreover, these topics are not limited to that year, most of them are very trending and evergreen topics.

These all niches are suggested to better direct your blogs in a particular streamline in less time. Further, it is better to know that nothing can work best to work upon than the field in which you have experience or expertise. Working on that enables you plenty of opportunities and directions to improve and to make those more engaging.

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